Pittsylvania County Democratic Committee

About Us

A place for the Pittsylvania County Democratic community to network, share ideas, spread the word, debate, plan, share and read news, and/or anything else. We are united in our efforts to elect Democratic leaders of character, integrity, ability, vision, with commitment to delivering results for Virginians. 

The 2008 Presidential Election was the first presidential election to occur while a site like Facebook has so much influence in today's world, especially among young people. There was so much at stake in this election: health care, our national security, energy independence, our economy, our Constitution, women's rights, equality, and so much more! Americans went to the polls in huge numbers and voted to elect Barack Obama, as our next president! Now we must all do everything we can to make the next 4 yrs (or 8) a success for our country. 

Some things that this group would like to accomplish:
Ensure that Americans have access to quality and affordable health care.
Work toward equal rights for ALL Americans.
Promote environmental stewardship.
Continue to build and sustain Democratic Party majorities on the local, state, and federal levels.
Restore our standing around the world while maintaining our national security interests.
Support and promote innovative science, such as funding for stem cell research.
To help open the minds of all Americans and encourage people to explore and understand varying points of view.

Please continue to spread the word, and tell all your friends about us! 

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